Two Systems for Automatic Music Genre Recognition: What Are They Really Recognizing?, 2012

Authors: Bob L. Sturm
Type: Conference paper
Conference: ACM Multimedia 2012
Titel: Proceedings of the second international ACM workshop on Music information retrieval with user-centered and multimodal strategies
Year: 2012

Abstract: We re-implement and test two state-of-the-art systems for automatic music genre classification; but unlike past works in this area, we look closer than ever before at their behavior. First, we look at specific instances where each system consistently applies the same wrong label across multiple trials of cross-validation. Second, we test the robustness of each system to spectral equalization. Finally, we test how well human subjects recognize the genres of music excerpts composed by each system to be highly genre representative.Our results suggest that neither high-performing system has a capacity to recognize music genre.

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