Inferring Music Selections for Casual Music Interaction, 2013

Authors: Daniel Boland, Ross, Mclachlan, Roderick Murray-Smith
Type: Conference paper
Conference: EuroHCIR 2013 – The 3rd European Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieva
Title: European Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval, EuroHCIR 2013
Year: 2013

Abstract: We present two novel music interaction systems developed for casual exploratory search. In casual search scenarios, users have an ill-defined information need and it is not clear how to determine relevance. We apply Bayesian inference using evidence of listening intent in these cases, allowing for a belief over a music collection to be inferred. The first system using this approach allows users to retrieve music by subjectively tapping a song’s rhythm. The second system enables users to browse their music collection using a radio-like interaction that spans from casual mood-setting through to explicit music selection. These systems embrace the uncertainty of the information need to infer the user’s intended music selection in casual music interactions.

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