Seminar follow-up: Digital Audio – Challanges and Possibilities

Did you miss the CoSound sponsored seminar at Bella Sky on the 21/6? Don’t worry here is a short overview and some of the slides:

Rasmus Rex Pedersen – Roskilde University, Denmark

Topic: Changing Practices of Production, Distribution and Communication in the Digital Music Industry. Slides

Pål Bråtelund – Wimp, Norway

Topic: Sound quanlity in streaming services. There is also a business case in lossless streaming.

Mark Plumbley – Queen Marry University of London

Topic: Signal processing and machine learning for audio analysis etc. Slides

Roderick Murray-Smith – University of Glasgow, Scotland

Topic: Interaction with audio. Slides

Elizabeth Cohen – Cohen Acoustical and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, USA

Topic: Digital preservation of multimedia

Birger Larsen – Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Topic: Current issues and possibilities in preserving and making the danish radio broard cast corpus available to reserachers (and the public) with focus on LARM and CoSound. Slides 

Mark Flashman – BBC R&D Internet Research and Future Services, England

Topic: BBC’s take on preservation of radio recordings and interaction with large radio archives by tagging. Slides