The Cognitive Systems Section at DTU Compute, Technical University og Denmark, has experience in and will contribute with audio analysis, sound search engines, machine learning, cognitive modeling, signal processing, and mobile services.

DTU Compute hosts a unique combination of mathematical modeling and classical computer science disciplines. CogSys (Cognitive Systems) is a section at DTU Compute which research concerns machine learning, signal processing, and cognitive modeling with applications in digital media, bio-medicine, and business.

CogSys has just completed a major digital media research project Intelligent Sound funded by the Danish Research Council for Technology and Production (14 mill. DKK, 2005-2009) and aimed at search and information retrieval in on-line text, speech, and music. The project resulted in three real world search engines, including: MIRocket, CastSearch and Muzeeker.com. MIRocket is a ‘more like this’ -audio based- music recommendation system. CastSearch is a spoken news search engine with statistical text mining based query expansion to account for errors in speech transcription, while Muzeeker.com supports deep query expansion using Wikipedia as a knowledge base for concept grounding.

From 2009 to 2012 CogSys was engaged in one major related research project: The Responsible Business in the Blogosphere (2009-2012) project, funded by the Strategic Research Council and concerned with real-time estimation of on-line brand value. The project was carried out in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School. The main research component was text and social network models of “sentiment” i.e., levels of emotional arousal and valence.

The CogSys group has made basic contributions to machine learning, in particular in the field of approximate inference in large Bayes networks and recent contributions to stochastic methods for validation of Bayesian models, to modeling of digital media as cognitive systems, and to detection of community structure in large complex social networks. CogSys’ staff counts one professor, seven associate and one assistant professors, a senior researcher, three postdocs, 19 PhD-students, and five administrators. In January 2009 a six member international panel evaluation awarded the CogSys section the highest possible grade and applauded “… a crisp and clear research agenda to a highly relevant field of high societal importance and impact”. The panel concluded: “The Section is a core asset of DTU and Danish research as a whole, it has highest international reputation”.

Jan Larsen
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Section for Cognitive Systems
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Matematiktorvet, Bygning 303B
2800 Kongens Lyngby
Email: jl@imm.dtu.dk
Phone: 45253923