Design of a flexible and comprehensive LARM metadata scheme, 2013

Authors: Haakon Lund, Birger Larsen, (Bogers, T (RSLIS), Lykke, M. (AAU), Skov, M (AAU))
Type: Presentation
Conference: LARM Conference. November 14-15, 2013, University of Copenhagen
Year: 2013

Abstract: In order to support access to and communication about digital cultural heritage collections, good metadata is essential. Among other things, metadata must ensure that it is possible to search for digital objects and assess their relevance. Metadata furthermore serves as a means of communication between users: assigning metadata allows a user to communicate information about an object, e.g. informing about alternative interpretations or uses of said object. As such, metadata must meet many diverse needs.

This presentation discusses the challenges we have identified when designing metadata for a digital broadcast collection and transforming identified requirement into a metadata schema that ensures description of and access to digital radio within the knowledge domain of humanities.

The case is based on the LARM project, which is concerned with building an infrastructure with the purpose of providing access to digitized Danish radio programs. Danish radio programs are provided with metadata to a very limited extent and a major challenge has been to create a simple and effective metadata schema that can encourage users of LARM to provide the available radio programs with relevant metadata.

The requirements for LARM metadata were collected from radio researchers by the use of questionnaires and workshops. Furthermore, an analysis of existing metadata schemas within the domain was conducted. (Lund et al., 2013; Lykke & Skov, 2012). This presentation also reports on the on-going evaluation of the metadata scheme and the subsequent changes that were made to it.

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