Aalborg University

Two departments from Aalborg University are involved in CoSound – the Department for Architecture, Design and Media Technology and the Department for Electronic Systems.

The Section for Multimedia Information and Signal Processing (MISP) at the Department for Electronic Systems has experience in and will contribute with multimedia technology, speech and audio processing, music information retrieval, and speech recognition.  MISP closely collaborates with national and international companies and universities and has more than two decades of experience with speech processing research, software development and distribution, and speech data collection for speech recognition. Read more here

The Section for Media Technology at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, conducts high-level research and teaching at all levels in media technology and related topics of cognition and perception. The senior staff members include internationally recognized experts in audio signal processing, computational modeling of music cognition, and interactive technology for music performance, music synthesis and modeling of musical instruments. MT contributes to CoSound with multimedia technology, audio processing and music information retrieval, especially in supplying features. Read more here

Professor Søren Holdt Jensen, head of the section for Multimedia Information and Signal Processing (MISP) at the Dept. of Electronic Systems, is a member of the steering committee in CoSound and represents the two departments.

Søren Holdt Jensen
Department of Electronic Systems
Multimedia Information and Signal Processing
Niels Jernes Vej 12, a6-310
9220, Aalborg Ø
Phone: 9940 8654